Education is our top priority at Mini Akademi.


Our education programme is designed with an approach which contains elements from various programmes, such as project-based learning, Gems and Montessori.

Our education-training activities are planned in accordance with the principles and aims of the Ministry of Family and Social Services.

General nature and features of our programme:

  • • Our education programme is supported with branch subjects given by qualified teachers
  • • We encourage our students with activities which enhance their problem-solving skills
  • • We prepare our students for real-life conditions
  • • Individual differences of children are supported
  • • Activities that contain social skills are encouraged
  • • Children’s emotional intelligence is supported with empathy-forming activities
  • • Reading habits and love of books are supported by inviting writers to the school
  • • Our curriculum develops sensitivity to the society with social responsibility projects
  • • Our education programme gives opportunity for each child to assert their strong aspects


At Mini Akademi, we give education to 1 to 5 year-olds in an environment which offers fun, friendship, love, safety and peace. Our aim is to enable our children to show progress, to be sociable and to learn while having fun. Knowing that childhood plays an important role in an individual’s mental and physical development, we offer a warm and affectionate environment for our children so that they can become confident and successful in the future.


Basic needs of each baby might difeer We meet these needs taking into consideeaton the infoematon submited to us by the familyr In this phase, when the baby geadually steps into childhood, it is impoetant to be in cooedinaton with the family and suppoet the development stages and chaeactee foematon of the child so that he/ she can geow up to be a healthy individualr


Logical eeasoning skills develop in this age geoupr The child can assemble the pieces of simple jigsaw puzzles and compeehend that a whole object can be dismantled into piecesr He/ she can classify and distnguish objectsr At MiniAkademi, we ofee oppoetunites foe childeen to leaen by discoveey and suppoet theie language and physical developmentr


Ceeatvity inceeases in this age geoupr The child asks a lot of questons because his/ hee cueiosity is at topr At MiniAkademi, we ofee actvites that develop the child’s sense of wondee and confdence, and allow the child to develop in his/ hee own ehythmr


In this age geoup, the child has moee self-conteol and skills with eegaed to leaeningr The games he/ she plays aee moee complicated, visionaey and long-teemr At MiniAkademi, we encoueage academic development, social and peoblem-solving skills of the childeen with oue cueeiculum, which is peepaeed taking into consideeaton individual difeeencesr



Our children learn English cognitively and can communicate in a basic way. By focusing on listening and speaking skills, they form basis for their future language learning.

At Mini Akademi,
our purpose is to motivate children to communicate in the foreign language, to be able to use the language when they need, to comprehend what they hear and to improve their speaking skills.

All the activities are planned with a native-speaker teacher for the children to achieve these goals.


Gymnastics is an Olympic sports branch which complies with both girls and boys, helps mental and physical development and which prepares children for the basis of all types of sports.

Along with enabling children gain control and adopt the skill of using their bodies consciously, MiniAkademi also aims to help children gain balance, strength, swiftness, flexibility, hand-eye/ nerve-muscle coordination in gymnastics lessons.


We prepare the setting and atmosphere for children where they can freely express themselves. Thus, they are able to improve their communication-interaction skills through individual and group activities.

In Drama studies, MiniAkademi aims to enable children feel empathy, be aware of others in the society and develop social sensitivity, think freely by way of games, form sensitivity to arts, and spend the day joyfully and energetically.


In pre-school period, children are curious, inquisitive and interrogative. Science – Nature activities support the development of children in terms of these attributes.

MiniAkademi prepares settings for Science and Nature activities, and aims to encourage children acquire knowledge about their environment by experimenting and learning by doing.


While supporting mental development, Chess and Mind Games also enable children to spend enjoyable time, develop critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

MiniAkademi aims to develop children’s problem-solving and imagination skills, their mathematical perception, enhance their attention and lateral thinking, and be patient through Chess and Mind Games.


Children’s artistic development is strongly connected with their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development. That’s why we encourage children’s creative ideas, development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with our various branches in visual arts and two/three dimensional course content.