A balanced diet forms the basis of being healthy. We give importance to form natural diet habits with our rich menu.

At MiniAkademi, monthly diet lists are prepared by our dietician and served in four courses by our expert staff: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and 5 o’clock soup for babies.

For children with gluten sensitivity, we serve gluten-free dishes.


Sleep time for our full-time children, if they wish to sleep, is between 1pm – 3 pm. Teachers accompany children to sleep, and use classical music and bed-time stories. The daily programme continues for children who do not want to sleep.


Since we aim to provide our children with the best education, we take into consideration top level details for their comfort and safety.

In our classrooms, there are toys for month and age groups, educational materials, books and supportive life skills unit.

Our kindergarten and day-care centre is located in the city centre in a three-storey building, which was constructed after the 1999 earthquake, and has a spacious and safe garden.

We also have

Games, crawling, sleep, nappy-changing rooms for 1-2 year-olds

Classroom and sleep room for 2-3 year-olds

Classroom and sleep room for 3-4 year-olds

Classroom for 4-5 year-olds

Chess and Mind Games room

Counselling Room

Drama Room

Gymnastics Room

Dining hall and kitchen




Surveillance cameras at different points of the building are on 7/24 so that we can enable peaceful and safe educational environment, and protect both our children and staff.

We entrust your child only to the persons whose names are mentioned in the record files.

Without your consent, we do not permit close friends or relatives to visit your child even if only for observation.

Materials in the building are installed taken into consideration the safety of your child.